Pickleball: A ‘Must-Have’ Activity for Active Adult Communities

Pickleball is a sought after amenity in Southern California 55 Plus Communities.

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So many active adult communities in Southern California are loaded with tons of great outdoor amenities and activities. 55+ residents are known to take advantage of outdoor amenities such as swimming, golf, tennis, hiking bocce ball and pickleball.  The lesser known activity in this list for most people is pickleball. If you are one of those that is not so familiar with this game, get ready for a quick education.

Active adults enjoying a competitive game of pickleball.

The History of Pickleball

Although you may have never heard of pickleball, it is not a new game. It was invented over 50 years ago (1965). The invention of pickleball was born from the attempts of two men on Bainbridge Island to entertain their kids during the summer months. The name “Pickle is believed to be the name of the family dog that would run away with errant balls. Originally, this game was played on hard surfaces in  back yards and empty streets. By the 1970’s, it grew from a simple family game to a sport with rules and such. In 1976, the sport was so popular that a pickleball tournament was held in Washington. A pickleball rule book was published in 1984 and the USA Pickleball Association was formed as well. By 2003, pickelball was all the rage among active adults. It was featured at the Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah.


How to Play Pickleball?

Standard pickleball courts

Pickleball is basically the perfect hybrid of tennis and badminton. Seniors have adapted well to this game due to the minimal amount of movement required. Usually, a pickleball court has to be 20 x 44 feet and the game includes four players, two on either side of the net. The game can be played with only two players as well. Player use paddles that are very similar to those used in table tennis. Pickleball paddles are slightly larger though. The ball is plastic, has holes in it and is 3″ in diameter. The ball is served (underhand) from the left corner of the court to the other side and should bounce no more than once before it is returned (as in tennis). The rules of pickleball are very much like those of tennis, but the lighter hollow ball and smaller size of the court make the game played like badminton. The first team to reach 11 points is the winner.

Watch this video to learn more about how to play!

Why is Pickleball so Popular with the 55 Plus Crowd?

Pickleball was invented when many baby boomers were young, so they grew up playing the game. The balance of the game having ‘high-impact’ and ‘low-impact’ activity levels makes it accessible to active adults. They can get a perfect amount of exercise to keep them active without a high risk of injuring themselves. This game is fun to play as well as fun for spectators to watch.

Pickleball in Southern California 55 Plus Communities

There’s no doubt that pickleball is the perfect outdoor activity for active seniors in southern California. That is why you can find this game present in the activities list of most active adult communities in our area. The Inland Empire boasts of many awesome 55+ neighborhoods and communities that offer pickleball. To check out the best active adult homes for sale in Riverside County California, visit retire55.com. A few of the top communities that offer pickleball are Altis in Beaumont, California, Four Seasons in Beaumont, Four Seasons in Hemet, The Oasis in Menifee and The Colony in Murrieta, California.

A popular sport among active seniors.

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