Age Gracefully and Get Some Help From Your Home

Make those additions and adjustments now. You will be glad you did.

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So many seniors are living their best lives, yet they still face new physical challenges that come with aging.  The good news is that there may be a “holistic” approach to overcoming obstacles that their home may present to them.

The concept is to complete projects and make improvements to the home in order to improve the ease of living in your home now and in the future. From fixing an cracked walkway to removing or reducing labor-intensive chores, homeowners are making improvements that can help them remain safely and comfortably in their homes as they get older. Smoothing out the walkway surfaces or adding ramps or grab bars are project that may not be needed now, but completing them now for the future is a great idea.

Modifications to consider

Here are a few aging-specific improvements to consider, according to the report:

  • Improve lighting to make walking around the house safer and easier

  • Make modifications in the shower (such as adding a bench or grab bars)

  • Move the master bedroom to the first floor

  • Add ramps and widen doorways for wheelchair access

  • Replace stone or tile with carpet or wood flooring to improve safety

 Adding grab bars is a great idea.

But this “holistic” plan isn’t just about adding railings & ramps. Almost half of homeowners aged 75 and older say that they made improvements early because they expected to grow older in their current home.  Some of the top additions that seniors are making include lever-style door knobs, pull-out shelving, and smart fire detection & security systems.

Homeowners in the 55-75 age range are also making modifications that are useful now, yet project to be extremely useful for them in 10+ years. The projects included adding smart automated features, like a smart thermostat or voice activated systems, and adding grab bars and higher toilets in bathrooms.

With a little bit of planning and foresight, creating a home that you can enjoy now and down the road is easily obtainable.

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